Friday, October 31, 2008

The Force is strong in this one

Today Baby Yoda used his Jedi powers to get his mommy to take him to the DayOne Halloween party where we met up with Callie and baby Diego and with Little Man's's pal Kyle and his mommy Kim. Little Man looked so adorable in his Yoda costume, and thoroughly enjoyed the attention he got from the girls at DayOne.

After the party we met Nan at the house where she presented our little Jedi with his first Halloween pumpkin, brilliantly carved by her own hand. Thanks Nan!

When daddy got home, we decided to join the LasMadres group for their Halloween parade downtown. All the babies were so adorable in their costumes, and we even met another Yoda. Afterwards we picked up dinner at our favorite restaurant and headed home to set up for the evenings trick-or-treat festivities.

Our power had been out most of the afternoon, hence the takeout, and so Marcus lit lots of tea lights and brought out the camping lantern. Despite, the very dark street, we had a great turnout, with at least 100+ goblins and ghouls visiting us. Little Man seemed to enjoy the festivities especially the candles and sitting on the porch greeting people. All in all it was a great first Halloween with our little man.


Pamela Fischer said...

I love little Yoda! He is so adorable. Glad you had so much fun!

eric fischer said...

Why did you not have power. Since Nico is too young, I'm sure Marcus didn't mind eating all the candy.

Good choice in costume!

Debra said...

The cutest Yoda ever. The most loved Yoda as well.