Monday, November 5, 2012

Little Man

Today I watched Little Man playing at his preschool's Fall Festival and I was amazed by how big he is getting. He hasn't been a baby for a while, he's 4 and a half, but today he seemed like a real "big boy". I love the little boy he is becoming. He is so inquisitive and loves to soak up information from everywhere and everyone he comes across. He loves everything about science and asks so many questions that sometimes it's hard to keep up. He loves creating things and is always inventing things, or writing/drawing/binding his own books. He likes to swim, and play soccer, and get dirty. But he also likes cuddling and taking baths. He can be challenging but in some ways that is what I love most about him. He certainly challenges me to be a better parent and a better human being. He has changed my life in incalculable ways and he is my heart and soul.

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Leah said...

He's such a big boy with such a great personality. Being a mother is an exercise in simultaneously having utterly conflicting emotions every second you draw a breath.